Sunday, September 6, 2009

How To Start A Conversation

The festivities of the weekend continued with my sister, Cathi’s party Saturday night. It was a small crowd, but nice. My nephew Ross was there and it is always a pleasure seeing him. Cricket showed and so did a lot of new faces. The coolest people I met were Dan and Grace. They also live in St. Pete and are the artsy type. Our conversation started do to my baked Brie dish and continued to exchanging information and finding out so much about each other. They are New Yorkers (Villagers) and both are very into the arts. I hope this turns into a wonderful relationship since I was very attune to their way of thinking. Their optimism attracted my own and we shared thoughts about the world and I told them about my desire to have a gallery and studio space to help further the aspirations of other local artists.

*Side note: Dan once worked for Larry Flynt, and that’s pretty cool, though now I wonder since I am less than 6-degrees away from the smut mogul if I need a tetanus shot.

Want to find out how you can also make a conversation-starter Brie dish? Here’s how:

A wedge of Brie (I prefer triple cream)
Half a jar of Apricot preserves
Toasted almonds (toasted in butter and sugar)
Nut and Rice crackers

Bake the Brie at about 350 for 10 minutes, or until it starts to ooze. While it is still hot add the preserves and nuts. Serve with crackers. It really is that easy and yet so impressive.

*For the locals: I got pretty much the whole thing at Swanson’s and spent about $4 on the whole thing. They had huge wheels of Presidente Brie for $7 and I used a quarter of it, the all-natural, organic 778 apricot preserves with whole apricots in it for $2 and the crackers were $1.20. An impressive dish without breaking the bank.

What to do with all the other Brie. Share it with neighbors and friends. I may even have a special evening this week for just me accompanied by baked Brie, smoked oysters and champers.

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