Monday, September 7, 2009

Making Work Into Play

Even though I am part of the Y, I still prefer to play at getting my exercise instead of working out. I like the dance classes and even weight lifting, but other than that, I get bored – quickly.

So instead, I sweat and do cardio cleaning and landscaping my yard. Raking for 30 minutes really gets the heart going and doing squats while picking up those leaves gives my thighs and buns a real burn. Digging holes for new plants and trimming hedges puts the umph back into my arms, and the walking back and forth is great for intervals.

As I catch my breath and inspect what I have done I feel good in at least two ways.

Walking the dogs and running errands can be fun to as I recycle and grocery shop on my bike. My pups usually get two walks a day to wear them out and to get my day started as well as relaxing when I get home.

Inspired by the two hours of dancing I did at the Depeche Mode concert, I have been dancing around the house like crazy adding in some of those sensual stripper moves to tone my abs. Maybe I’ll be good enough one day to do a performance for my next boyfriend.

Play spurs on the other workout kind of things that will keep me healthy as I do push ups, sit ups and lift weights in the back yard after cleaning it and do yoga on the deck when the morning is nice.

But I want to do more. Kayaking with Chris. Walks to the park with Ren. Doing consecutive martini glass lifts with Guy. Plus, mattress calisthenics are always effective as well.

What is your favorite way to stay fit?

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