Monday, September 7, 2009

The Cook Who Doesn’t – or so they say

n&l Noah and Leilani weren’t as impressed with their mom’s cooking – but I was!

I didn’t really want to labor on Labor Day. Instead I spent the afternoon laying on the couch with the kids and watching Season 3 of Dexter. There was no stress and no worries and it was nice to just be for a while. Even dinner was a delicious breeze.

Ren who is the cook that doesn’t cook, as her sister would have you believe, made dinner this evening at her house and was nice enough to have me over to share it with her family. She has been quite impressed with her talents as a cook especially when it comes to grilled salmon with a delightful mustard sauce. A token nod to Bobby Flay, Ren fretted over the different instructions she was given about grilling the fish since the chef said to do it with skin side down first and then flip while Wayne and the fish counter guy at the grocery store advised on the opposite technique. Pat, her husband, put it all into perspective, “Go with the Chef.”


I got to sous chef for the non-chef prepping the potatoes, mushrooms and asparagus that accompanied the entrée. I even got all the fruit ready for her famous tart. And it all was delicious. The kids wasted their taste buds on hotdogs, but the three of us dined liked royalty. It was incredible.


Plus it was nice to spend an evening with a great friend. I haven’t got to cook with anyone in a while and I really missed the experience whether I am the one prepping or the one in the lead, it is such a nice experience to join that spirituality in the kitchen.

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