Thursday, September 10, 2009


One more day to go and I am still not feeling my best. I have a few things planned this weekend, but I will still try to take it a bit easy. Food just hasn’t excited me as of late and even sharing our likes and dislikes with an old acquaintance this evening didn’t entice me. It’s just a minor funk and when it passes I will be able to go back to my old ways – even older with a bit more veggies. Thankfully I have cut back on the drinking or I know this would be a lot worse. To keep my mind off of the quaking in my belly, I have been continuing with my voyeurism of Dexter and knitting like a fiend. The hard part is trying to get all the pattern and design ideas out of my head and onto paper before they disperse into the great unknown. Knitting takes such a long time and even though it has been my distraction of choice lately, I just feel like a slow poke. I need more TV to watch.

I just need to work through these mounds and basketsful of yarn that taunt me to play with them and to create dramatic and alluring items, though the critic stills says, “What if you screw up? You’ll have wasted all this yarn.” Bah Humbug, I am just going to do it so watch out friends for those weird Christmas gifts and the announcement of my Etsy store to clear out this mess.

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