Friday, September 25, 2009

Remember Vinyl? If so then you’re old like me.


models Friday night at ArtPool was a celebration in vinyl – like record vinyl – like before CDs and MP3s. ArtPool is a fantastic and inspiring gallery downtown and Marina (the owner) has thrown some fabulous parties. This is my first. Unsure of what to wear for the record party, I went with the basics and wore a vinyl corset that I haven’t sucked myself into in years, but it still looked great. I love the feeling of being back out in the world and partying with a sense of ease and awe. guy and marina



I lost part of myself in my last relationship and needed to get back to who I was and on the right path. The cool and sexy haircut helped (as most women will tell you a makeover works wonders!) I needed to show off and Guy was the perfect accessory. artistNot to look just like a rundown bondage girl, I made a hat out of a 33-1/3 record (AJA from Steely Dan – I don’t like them so I didn’t care about the album.) If sewed the center to a beret and made it so the LP could spin which got a lot of people involved in entertaining themselves. cds

The party also was an artist draw as a cartoon artist did portraits on painted CDs (mine was fabulous) and a new designer showed off her musically inspired fashions. In fact, the artist (name escapes me) has been contracted to do a set of cards for Marvel Comics – big time.

It was an amazing night. We even got the party started with a celebration at Georgie’s for Darryl’s birthday and that really made it a great evening. Guy even made a new friend


Only thing is I didn’t get one offer of a date (which still puzzles me since I looked so cool.)

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