Thursday, September 24, 2009

A Table For Two

With the sadness of Guy moving comes the blessing of getting some of his treasures. So far the best thing that has made it to my home has been the kitchen table. A retro yellow piece with chairs to match, it now rest in my kitchen against the green wall creating a citrus explosion.


It is bigger than my previous table, but still fits nicely and looks great. I moved the other table onto the patio and after the yard sale in two weeks, hopefully I will have some room in the garage to put the bar and make it all work better.

(BTW – Huge yard sale at Crescent Lake on October 3 – be there!!!)


Other things on the list, include: a collection of kites left over from the never more Kite Parties, garden gnomes (that I will repaint) and a lawn jockey for the front and of course his wondrous collection of bowling balls, (though I will still need more, so keep looking for me) and a plethora of other odds and ends. The greatest will be the Marilyns (three Warhols) that I have the perfect space for in the living room.

I really love this table since it suits my contrasting sense of style. The retro feel is perfect for my kitchen. Even when I get my kitchen redone, it won’t be the standard Stepford room, but full of the joy and love that I create in there and this table will be perfect.

Yes I hate to see the Swingin’ Beach Pad dismantled, but some of it will still live on giving some of us a little piece of home.

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