Monday, September 21, 2009

Happy Birthday Mom

This day is always like New Years for me since it is what made me happen – my mother’s birthday. Marie would have been 82 today and I sure a sparkling one. To honor her, I usually do something special on this day like go out with friends who appreciate that I still honor her even though she has been gone a long time or sometimes by myself to sit and talk to her in my own special way.

This year I chose to spend the evening with her, but not alone in pondrance. I talked to an old friend, shared some time in remembrances, went to my Latin dance class and relaxed with my kids. When it was time to slumber, I spent extra time in meditation teasing the thin veil that separates us from the next world and could hear her in my heart giving me advice.

What did she say? She told me to look back at what I have and to see my beauty. She said it was time to look again for that someone special and it will be better this time. She gave me advice to focus on the little steps which will make my travels big leaps in the end. And she told me to trust in myself since I am part of her.

A day doesn’t go by that I don’t miss her and that is 32 times 365 plus some, so there is a lot of missing. I don’t wallow in my misfortune of losing the one person who made the most difference in my life, I know she wouldn’t want that, but I do cry a few tears.

Happy Birthday Mom.

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