Friday, December 11, 2009

14 Days of Christmas

OK, the bathroom needs some touchups and accessories (Guy won’t hand over the Marilyn so I told him that I need him to help me put lights on the roof – it would be a shame if he fell – just kidding). I am at a standstill for this weekend and will finish up next week after I get some opinions from my more discerning friends. I have to pick the right people to ask since I have some friends who have drastically different tastes than me and can’t seem to see that we don’t share an altar to Martha.

before bath Before


bath after After

For now it sits and is a lot better than it was. That gives me the freedom to share the evening with Paul. We went to Zen Glass to see a holiday art show that Ren is in. Zen Glass is in a historic part of town known as Roser Park. It was fun to get out and see all the pieces, even though my wallet is a bit bare to support the local talent.

We wondered around downtown, but since it was such a chilly night we made our way home pretty early. There are still things I need to do for the party tomorrow, and thankfully Paul is there to help with the cleaning and cooking. This is the first party I’m not stressed about. I think it’s because I am so excited about the new bath and that I have someone to help me.

The real work really comes after the party, after 8 dogs ransack my house with their sloppy paws, minor accidents and sloppy kisses. I just love them all.

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misschris said...

looks fab! --so much lighter and airier.