Thursday, December 10, 2009

15 Days of Christmas

Today is a joyous day and with the best Christmas gift ever. Polly and Finn turn one. The past year has had its share of hardships, but we are still a happy family and I am the happiest. Polly is truly my best friend with her monkey good looks and patient snorts, while Finn is the love of my life (which I told Paul and he was cool with that) always making me feel so loved in return.

We celebrated with a playfest in the morning where I told them both how much I love them and they wrestled me to the floor with hugs and kisses galore. Ren bought them both outfits for their party and I got them both chewing bones so they have something else to fight over. In the evening, we sat on the couch and played until both pooped out. Then in the silence of the night, I listened to their snoring serenade and thanked heaven for my sweetest kids.


Finn on the day he was born

basket of pups

3 weeks – a basketful of puppies

me and finn2

Finn at 3 weeks – his first New Year’s Celebration

finn on bike comp

Finn on his first bike ride


Polly at 6 weeks – loving the outdoors

puppy shower 004

Polly making sure the toys know who’s in charge – 9 weeks

finn at 9 weeks comp

Finn at 9 weeks looking cuter than ever

polly chew

Polly at one year – this is her favorite toys so I got her a special one for her birthday


Finn at age one. It’s been a hard year, but he is a wondrous love. I love you boy!

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