Wednesday, December 9, 2009

16 Days of Christmas

I’m too old for this. I had to do 3 coats of primer, but it is looking better. I am now way behind schedule and I feel I may be setting myself up for disappointment. Redoing anything in the house seems to turn one into Sybil.

I got up early this morning and reprimed, feeling a bit more hopeful. Until I sneezed. Then my back cringed and that is when my age caught up with me. I was feeling so youthful and optimistic, that it lost track of me and now spied me from my sneeze. But the room is painted. Not perfect, but painted. I needed time to let it dry so I have figured I can use some old tricks of the trade to hide its and my own imperfections. 100W of light, pish posh, turn it down to 50; Not sure if there is too much of a noticeable bleedthrough, dark drapery gives it a warmer feel.

I can’t lie, I really like the room a lot more without that brash brown wood look. It feels cleaner and homier. But since there is so much more to do my day was filled with working on my article, cleaning the rest of the house, including the patio that really is a pain in the ass, and getting cleaned up.

I had to clean up to go to the gym since I was covered in paint splatters. I wanted to look like I worked out, but not dirty – you know. The good news is that after my shower I felt so much better, though still close to my age, and I could appreciate my house more. There is still a lot to do tomorrow, but nothing someone like me can’t handle.

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