Tuesday, December 8, 2009

17 Days of Christmas

Well it is soon approaching that point, and I finally seem to be making progress. The working out in the morning seems to help a lot since I was really losing it there the past few weeks.

The walls and ceiling are primed and are begging to be painted tomorrow morning. Since I work from home tomorrow, I can do that task as soon as I get up and then work in my paint splattered clothes for the morning. There is still a lot to be done, but for this weekend, I am stopping here. Next week, I will tackled the door (I have to do that one outside) and the cabinet.

The finishing touch for this week is the switchplates. I am using photos that I took and printed them on regular paper. Thanks to Jonathan Fong, I can make some groovy plates to go with my groovy bathroom. Also take a look at his Warhol Kitchen, I just love it. I am thinking of just putting one piece of art in the bathroom, a Warhol Marilyn that Guy got me in Pittsburgh. The only thing is the framing costs more than Marilyn was paid for all of her movies put together (joking, but close). Guy has promised many times to part with his trio of heads and I am trying to pry at least one from his still warm fingers.

Not to overdo it with Warhol, I want something different for the plates and am even going through photos to print and frame for other areas of the house. When looking through these photos I stumbled upon my NYC Holiday Window Photos from a couple years ago. That is my favorite thing to do in Manhattan and I miss it so. Thankfully there are a lot of shutterbugs capturing this season on-line and Another Normal is one of my favorites. He really brings to life the wonder I feel when I gaze upon these limited edition works of art.

Of course then comes the question, “What do they do with all that crap after the holiday?” Some of it is so cool and I wonder if they have a special sale. It also makes me think that I can glitter and bedazzle some things for my mannequin and make her feel more holiday-ish. She needs a good paint job too, maybe high gloss white.

Also helping me keep my sanity is listening to David Sedaris. I have the entire collection in audio book form and just love it. His tales about his family, living in NYC and then as an expat in France (he hates the term expat since he says you need to be a pat first). It is really very entertaining. There is also the Christmas classic, 6 to 8 black men. You better be good or you could end up in Spain.


Tales from TV said...

I love the switch plate idea! How easy!

David Sedaris is classic holiday entertainment.

Once all this holiday mess is over, you and I are going to sit down with a bottle of vino and laugh until we're stupid. :)

misschris said...

Hmm instead of framing you can do decoupage and mat your poster onto a board. The instruction are there in you J. Fong kitchen link.

I love David Sedaris. Have you read Dress Your Family...? Hilarious.

Praers said...

I am going to place it on a board, but since it is in the bathroom I need to protect it a little more. All of this is a pain right now.

I have all of David S. and I must say that when he speaks about living in France I think of you and some of the stories you could probably tell.

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