Monday, December 7, 2009

18 days of Christmas

The clock is ticking and the brilliance of the bathroom looms before me. My arms are aching, as are my hands, and I still have so much to do. Tonight is dedicated to the end of the scraping and caulking. This will make it easier to just jump into priming tomorrow and painting on Wednesday.

On top of this I need to get my house ready for the kids’ birthday party on Saturday. That means getting the backyard organized, the patio cleaned, the house in some state of order and of course food prepped. It seems like a lot and it is, but I have done several soirees and I somehow get it done. I am pushing to have it done before schedule so I can relax with Paul on Friday night.

Even as tears well-up with my “to-do” list growing, I have to be thankful that I have the gumption, resources and time to do these things. If I trudge on each evening for 3 or 4 hours, I should get it done and keep my sanity somewhat intact. Plus going to the gym each morning, like this morning, helps. I wake up feeling beaten down. Once I get to the gym I can walk or bike away from all that stress, push it away with weight training and wash it away with a nice shower. I feel a lot better even though I got started late and only did a half hour, but every minute counts.

I promised pictures. Here’s where I started and here is where I am at right now.

before bath

bath 2













There is still a bit to do, but soon, very soon.


Miss Wendy said...

Keep up the good work. It's looking great!

misschris said...

I love that tile! That's the original 1920-30's tile I imagine. My parents have his in their bathroom and they wanted to rip it out. I nearly had a heart attack. It's such a nice feature. I also love the green. The thirties had lots of this green so I imagine that's the era of your house.

What color will you paint the wall?

Praers said...

Thanks for the kind words and push toward finishing this mess. My house was built in 1950 with a lean towards previous decades. The wood panelling has always thrown me off and though I love the green tile, my neighbors had pink in theirs. (Envy) The wood is still peeking through keeping it a bit textured, but it will definitely be a mix of ages, especially if I add the Warhol.

I balance the old with the new in my home, changing the windows to modern to save energy and cash; yet keeping all the interior glass doorknobs even when they stick and lock unsuspecting people in bedrooms (come into my lair, you may not escape.)