Sunday, December 6, 2009

19 Days of Christmas

It was nice seeing my dad for the holiday. My sisters were there as was my stepbrother and we ate and ate. My dad prefers holidays with the steps so this is pretty much it for the family thing. My sisters and their kids will come over on the 24th, but my dad will spend Christmas with the other kids and that seems to work for everyone.

My contribution this year to the holiday feast was an antipasti platter of cheeses, salami, marinated mushrooms and artichokes, olives, roasted asparagus and pickled beets. Sounds like an odd combination, but I just love this kind of stuff.

We also shared crab legs, ham and tiramisu. As is the usual, I went grocery shopping in my dad’s garden and got some vine ripe tomatoes, collard greens, scallions and a variety of oranges and grapefruits. I also made off with a box of candy my dad snuck to me.

I was too disappointed in the look of the bathroom to do much of anything except scrape paint off the door. I did some caulking, but I was very blue since it seems like such a huge task since the shower must be ready by Friday night when Paul comes over.

It’s sort of embarrassing. My house is in such disarray and Paul is completely put together. I really want to get it together to show him I am not always in a state of chaos and that only causes more stress. I’ll keep trudging on and I will do what I can, hopefully that will be good enough.


misschris said...

I wouldn't worry about it. Just focus on the room you'll be entertaining in. We have a real hell house right now and people love to come over because they love the fact that I'm casual and interesting and FUN. Most people ignore the rest as long as you're cool about it. The only thing I fuss over is arranging thing so it's neat and looks organized. An organized mess is okay--you know, power tools stacked in one corner books in another :)

Praers said...

Well my house is the heaven of clutter and it is everywhere, especially books overflowing off of sagging bookshelves. Since this is the first time many of my kin have seen my house there is the necessary tour and that is the part that is killing me. Now I can bypass the bedrooms since they will the zoos on this day with 2 cats in one room, and 5-7 dogs in the other.

The bathroom just had to be done and it won't be perfect and all, but it will be something I can live with for a while, hell I lived with the wood for a decade.