Saturday, December 5, 2009

20 Days of Christmas

Now the adventure gets good. Arriving home this afternoon, I was so antsy to get it done that I started painting the walls without primer. 2 hours later I realized that I needed to caulk them and prime them since the yellow stain was coming through. The ceiling is still giving me a hassle as it refuses to be chipped away to its original base. I am going to splurge and get the really good primer and do it right this time, because I need a functioning bathroom by this weekend.

Until then I am using the shower at the gym. It’s really a pretty good plan since I have to go workout then shower and this helps me get off my behind this cookie season. I’m not a gym rat, but I do like getting sweaty and the feeling I get after I workout. It’s the endorphins kicking in that makes me like it, but only after I am done. The queen of excuses, I can avoid the gym almost any time, but when it comes to times like these where I truly have an ulterior motive (to shower) I can make myself go. We’ll see if the habit may stick this time.

Tomorrow starts the social holiday season and I am expected at my father’s home around noon. The gym doesn’t open until 1pm and it’s a 2 hour drive each way, so other plans must be made. I figure a good sponge bath will do, even though it’s about 60 degrees in my house. This is the time of year I usually take warm baths each night before slipping into my snuggly pajamas. Tonight I will need the jammies to keep me warm after the sponging off. It’s really not too bad, but I will have to explain the paint splatters in my hair (even though I covered my head) and the reason I smell like a French whore (just kidding).

For now I just want to watch Doctor Who and forget all the trouble I have gotten myself into.

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