Sunday, January 24, 2010

An Artful Practice


People are said to practice medicine and practice religion, but nobody says they practice art. Well I do. Like with the act of breathing, there is an inhalation (inspiration) and an exhalation when it comes to art (practice and doing.) I appreciate both. On Thursdays, I ration out my inspirations whether they be films, paintings, books, etc all devoured in a sort of passive way. On Sundays, I will open the door to what I am doing to practice art. SONY DSCSONY DSC

It’s sort of fitting, since Sunday is supposed to be a day of rest (I don’t know about you, but Practicing Art can be very relaxing) and a day to connect to (insert deity here) which I also do when I practice art. I have many interests, and these tend to leave me a bit scattered, but I am giving myself more time and freedom to take a few moments each day to feel the yarn through my fingers, the glue sticking to my fingertips and everything else, a the elation and dull ache I get when I write too much. Cooking is my daily form of practice since it is also a way that I can get physical sustenance as well as emotional and mental healing from the day.


Today’s adventures are all tied up in knitting. I have spent the past few weeks making some of my own original designs in purses, wraps and jewelry. But it isn’t all about wearables, I have also taken on the task to make and afghan. I have only made one before and it was fashioned in three pieces then sewn together. This is a one piece deal. I am using an eclectic mix of yarns I have purchased over the years and melding the colors together to be of interest to the eye, as well as to keep you warm. So far so good!

What creative adventures do you have lurking around the corner?

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Miss Wendy said...

I love the necklace!!!! I am glad you practice art... it's a great outlet and your creativity is just incredible. The things you can do with knitting needles is pure genius.