Monday, January 25, 2010

Living to Eat

Don’t forget the drawing for the books. I figure you can have them all if you win. Comment on any of these blogs until Sunday evening and get your foodie and other interesting friends to visit, they can enter too. See Saturday’s entry (Haslam’s) for more details.


Some women prefer clothes, some jewelry and some cars. I prefer to spend my money on food and drink. Having a list of possibilities with me when I go grocery shopping puts me in a high mood. I feel hopeful and creative and without restrictions (unless I am baking.) It’s like an artist going into an art store and seeing all the canvas and paints, clay and beads and feeling the elation that comes from anticipating endless possibilities. That is where my money goes. And it shows, since I don’t have the latest trends in my closet and dress a bit down or sometimes on the edge as my ankles will allow. Even when I am tightly restricted as I am now, there is still the opportunity to try something new and not bust the budget. It is all a game, and I love playing it.

What keeps me going on the trips to the grocer is the incredible food blogs that are out there. I am so impressed with the variety and style that float on the Web like tiny planets illuminated by the need to eat. With a society so focused on “Eating to Live” and looking down on those who appreciate food, it is nice to see so many average Joes and Joannes out there Living To Eat, thinking about the next meal while enjoying the one on their plates right now. I would love to be a food blogger as my job, what a wonderful time that would be.

With this as my philosophy, what I need to learn now is more about portion control, self control and getting myself to the gym, then I can eat more to share with you. Yummy!

Here are some of my favorite food blogs:

Noble Pig

I just love this blog. The recipes are incredible and fun, the writing is witty and I love her realistic and unpretentious photos.

The Food Librarian

A great resource for resources. I love the recipes and she had me hooked with cake.

The Bitten Word

I love the premise of how it got started and with shelves drooping from the weight of so many cooking magazines, I can understand the undertaking. I like how they choose the gourmet-est types of recipes (not your average fish and chips), showcasing the elegance that can be draw from simple pages of paper. Love it.

Grumpy’s Honeybunch

The sweet ode to cooking and love. She has developed food blogging into a social network and loves every minute of it. I really appreciate that she peruses all the magazines and books and comes up with some great ideas. This helps save me research time. Plus reading about her adventures gives me some great ideas.

BrokeAss Gourmet

Oh how I love thee, let me count the ways. One is that the name is perfect; very funny and yet so apropos. Second, they really do some cheap ass, yet gourmet delights (though they have a Trader Joes so they can get a decent bottle of wine for about $3). Third, it’s also part sex column with ads for Good Vibrations and such. Fourth, it’s a consortium of sorts and not just one person’s point of view. Love it.

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