Tuesday, January 26, 2010

What A Scum!

How do you really get rid of soap scum?


I have tried everything from vinegar and baking soda to the dangerous commercial products and even sanding by hand, but nothing seems to really work. I have been trying to get my lovely green tile back to green for months and I keep giving up, but when I relax in the bath I get a deeper view of just how extensive this creepy crud has gone.


I get everything else up to par, but the tile taunts me. I know that once I get it clean, it will require regular maintenance and I can do that with a sponge after each shower, but what do I do now.




Miss Wendy said...

My suggestion is Lime away. It's intense and should help clean up the scum. Or you can try a magic eraser.
After you get it clean spray it with Rainex. That will keep the scum from sticking.

Praers said...

You are brilliant Miss Wendy! Thanks for the advice and I will let you know how I fare. Then I can have you come by and help me decorate. You are a genius.