Thursday, January 28, 2010

A Fresh Read

Do you ever feel your reading material is getting stale?

I seem to get caught in the trap of reading material that is similar to the one before and the one after. Books meld into each other and instead of creating a brilliant symphony of images in my brain and/or causing me to relate and think, they just see to sit there unscathed.

So yes, I needed a new book and I got it from Guy for Christmas. Assorted Nuts by Sandy Bax is a profound read, but not the heavy kind, more the “this is so interesting and at times hilarious, but yet deep down I can feel these words.” Sandy is a local, and that means that she knows Guy, everybody knows Guy. Well anyway, Sandy has documented the adventures of her life from growing up in an emotionally disengaged household, with visits to the funeral home each summer; cascading through life making bad choices about men; dealing with alcoholism (go figure with that childhood who wouldn’t drink); and breast cancer just to top it off.

Guy says it’s reminiscent of David Sedaris, but I think it is completely different in tone, but I read more than he does so there. It is a must-read though and I think it should be part of our book club reads, but I have a feeling it may be shot down. No biggie, you can pick up your own copy and peruse the prose to your heart’s content. Let me know what you think.

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