Sunday, January 31, 2010

Something old Something new

Sorry dear readers, but I have been lost recently. Not literally lost, though there is a literary twist, but I have been up to my deepest brain cells in LOST – Season 5. It was so long ago that it aired and I just had to catch up. Now that I have, I feel more at ease with watching the Season 6 premiere on Tuesday. I just hope Sayid doesn’t die.

To also take up my time, I have gotten lost in a book: The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown. Just 3 months ago I was number 775 on the waiting list at the library and now I am already past page 200. I have been enveloped in this tome to the point of only taking the dogs for walks and the occasional shower. I even gave up a Saturday Date Night to read.

But this didn’t stop me from eating. I didn’t want to leave the house, so I recycled food in a way, making something new from something old (or almost old). Remember the beans I made last week?  I mixed them in with a couple cups of chicken broth and some orzo and Voila- Soup! Really good soup too. Perfect for the cold weather we are having. It was only about a cup and a half of beans, but perfect and now I have 3 meals (budget friendly too).

How have you transformed leftovers???

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Lena said...

Can't say I've ever watched Lost but I know the feeling of book indulgence!

As for leftovers, it's the hubby that takes care of that, but once my oldest son put Pot Noodle on toast for 3 nights running!