Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Feelin’ A Little Hopey Changey


I have yet to find a picture for the bathroom. Rephrased, finding a picture that is in a store for the bathroom. Being as my budget is pretty tight (rephrased as, I need to have a garage sale to pay for anything new I want in the house), this is still in a holding pattern. I have thought about using one of my photos blown up and framed, but there is some spend with the enlarging and the framing. Then I thought I would take some of the photos and postcards I already have and which are already framed, but I am unsure about the multiple pictures.

Like many folks, I need to change things up a bit from time to time and it always seems that this need is when I have the least amount of money. Since Finn had his last operation, it has been a struggle making ends meet, but every time I look in his cute little eyes, I fall in love all over again and don’t care about the money. Being broke actually seems to have made me more creative.

How? Starving artists for centuries have made great works of art from nothing. Yes, many had benefactors who paid for their marble, absinthe and ink. What I have is inspiring Web sites, a garage full of crap, baskets of yarn and hope.


See no matter how bad it seems to be, I still have hope. Hope I will have food on the table, that Finn will get better and not be in danger nor need to go to the vet so often and that one day I won’t have to worry so much about those mighty dollars. Until then, I get creative and start having a lot of gratitude for what I do have. All those crazy material things that make the house look like a home are nice, but it’s the look in my little boy’s eyes when I come home. (Polly too). In fact, I was looking so deeply into his eyes and feeling that love that you only feel when you know that you really love the person (or dog). You know that melting feeling like you just want to hold them forever, and even the tiniest notion that you won’t have them forever makes you appreciate them that much more. That’s what I feel for all my kids. That unconditional love.


And that made me realize that the power Finn has in his eyes could help us out. So I am entering my cutest canine into the TBT Cutest Canine Contest. I will send a notice to my blog and Facebook friends to vote for my little guy, but I’m sure once you lay eyes on him you won’t need any persuading. The grand prize is $500, a well-needed treat for mommy, which will go directly to paying his medical bills.

See there is always hope, even when it is hiding, you just have to open your eyes.


BTW, I went with the scattering of small pictures for now.

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