Monday, February 8, 2010

Drool Alert!

Every Monday I get a little notice in my e-mail box that I have something waiting for me from Food and Wine. This little morsel of information is jam packed with dish recipes that cause me to drool and dream. This is truly food porn and it is delivered to me personally. I want to make everything it leads me to and yet I must hold back since there is a budget involved and a lack of time as well as the hungry mouths to feed.

Still, I keep collecting the recipes and try to plan for a time to use them. Today, they hooked me with chocolate and all its glorious manifestations for the loveliest of days (or Hallmark will have you think so) Valentine’s. Unlike many of the rail-thin mind mummies out there, I don’t subscribe to the religious doctrine that chocolate is sin. Puking your guts out, rallying against anything non-organic and smoking until your bones show is sick, but chocolate is the new manna from heaven and I am all about it.

Today’s installment also shares tips for dinners for two and romantic dishes so lovely couples can share in the pleasure of not only eating together, but cooking together and making a special dessert that much more fulfilling. And I get to brag that when I cook dinner for two, he always does the dishes, makes you jealous doesn’t it ladies?

I will stockpile these ideas for another time making Valentine’s something that lasts all year long, but this year we have other plans that involve no cooking (in the kitchen that is) and buying in to the whole Hallmark Holiday (It’s a first for me).

So whether it is a special occasion, or just something you like to indulge in to suit your mood, this is an awesome source for culinary explorations and a place to find your zen.

There are a few recipes I will have to indulge in singularly since Paul would never go for Oysters or Salmon Trout or Smoked Pork, but that’s OK, I happen to love my own company over dinner. He may join me for a dessert of chocolate and raspberry though.

What is your favorite romantic meal?

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