Sunday, February 7, 2010

Will Knit For Food

It’s been two weeks and no knitting. A shame really. I have the afghan to complete by next weekend and only have about a 1/4 done. My focus for the weekend and this coming week has been and will continue to be the afghan, with other things getting in the way from time to time.

Such as: Going to Mo’s for SuperBowl. I am not a huge football fan, not even really a fan, more of an on-looker. But I like the commercials and the camaraderie of the big game. Plus, the food. Ren made chicken wings from the Neeley’s inspiration and other attendees crafted such lovely treats as Buffalo Chicken Dip (#14) and there was another dip with bacon in it. Yes, it was a delicious night. My contribution? Well I was a bit semi-homemade since I had to knit all day, but I brought the well received Chocolate Fudge Cake from Betty Crocker. It was wonderful.

Now I have to get back to my knitting. What were some of your Big Game Favorites?

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