Thursday, April 8, 2010

A Spark of Something New

I discovered a few months ago when, like the rest of the dieting world, I was setting myself up for the disappointment of not losing weight. I played around a bit, but it seemed so overwhelming to learn and to do so I just let it slip by. Now I am back on the wagon, a really pretty wagon that is, and have been getting more connected and seeking support.

One of my biggest hurdles with getting healthier is the self talk and self doubt. But I am at an age that says “you need to do it now before something goes wrong.” So I am. By checking in to sparkpeople each day, I am feeling more motivated and finding that I am not alone in my quest to eat yummy foods and be healthier at the same time. Plus, not being part of the gym rat crowd, I have found that there are things to do here, there and everywhere that help me get to the place I want to be.

It’s all baby steps. This week on the “Get Healthier” agenda is waling 10,000 steps at least 5 days a week. So far I have come close (3 days into it) and yesterday I did it. How? Well, it all started by cleaning the hell out of my living room. Allergies are strong this year and my living room was crying out to be de-dusted. What I thought would take an hour turned into a 5-hour project. Everything was dusted, vacuumed and mopped until spotless. And it knocked off about 4,000 steps taking garage sale items out to the garage, and stepping back and forth as I vacuumed. Add on some strength training from moving furniture and you get a good workout and a very nice room.

Next was dog walking 3 times during the day and waiting for them to do their business. I’m getting more in the habit of walking them instead of just letting them out in the backyard since it is so nice lately. This took off another 3,500 steps.
With only 2,500 steps to go, I continued de-cluttering my home and taking all the remnants to the garage. Add in moving stuff around in the yard and finally taking a quiet walk by myself at sunset and I had 10,000 steps done for the day. Today, I am doing it again by taking short walk breaks at work (they are my non-smoking smoke breaks), getting the puppies out and about , and tonight taking a relaxing walk with my honey.

So far this is more than just a counting ritual. It has really helped me focus on the right choices and has kept me on track for drinking lots of water. And it’s not so hard.

My satisfying treat:

Chinese Chicken Salad
3oz cooked chicken breast
handful or more of lettuce
3 or 4 radishes
1 stalk of celery with the frilly top
A bit of chopped green bell pepper
¼ cup canned mandarin oranges
2TBSP of lite sesame ginger dressing

You know how to make a salad. I just love the spicy radishes mixed with the sweet oranges, lovely.

*Note: I wish I had more time to check out other fitness, health and food blogs, but I am just too busy. I keep telling Paul that he can make me a kept woman so I don’t have to work all day, but he only laughs and says he was thinking I would make him a kept man. Damn, wrong guy again – oh well I love him anyway. Do you have any you would like to share?

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Lena said...

Well, I don't have a food blog myself but still seem to find them anyhow! Sparkpeople might get a visit from me.....I pop up everywhere!lol