Thursday, April 7, 2011

Spring has Sprung Bring on the Heat

Being laid up with only one working lower appendage has given me a case of cabin fever. Paul is so worried I will hurt myself (I already tripped and slid across the floor once – damn loose rugs) that he only lets me out for doctor visits. I think this also gives him some much-needed time to be by himself which I respect.

But after whining about getting just a few moments of fresh air, he relented and helped me wobbled around the backyard (sans puppies) so I could at least take a few pictures and experience Spring (it goes so fast in Florida you have to catch it before it’s over).


My aloe was one of the first to go haywire. I love the underwater, sea creature quality of these coral flowers. They seem dusted a bit to give my eyes the impression that they are submerged. I have some yellow ones out front getting ready to bloom, but I’m not allowed out front right now (too muddy and uneven for clumsy me).


The pinky azaleas are one of my favorites and I love walking through my neighborhood in early spring seeing how they line otherwise green shrubbed driveways and windows with a range of hues from white to red to pink and even purple. I just love how they wake up the world and let us know that spring his on its way – like our own little gopher weather meter.


I’m not sure what these flowers are called, but I just love their bright orange color against their dark green vineyness (not a word before today). This was actually a clipping I took while taking the dogs for a walk. I often get inspired by the plants my neighbors have and pick a stray one here or there or take a clipping when no one’s around. I may be a plant criminal to some, but I like to think of myself as similar to a bird or a bee, I just don’t have to poop to spread the joy.


Another find while out on a walk, an abandoned home and these growing like crazy on the corner, perfect for the picking. Just stuck them in dirt and voila purple flowers that just love to keep moving. Can’t ask for much more.

Michelle Note: Things are getting better. She sat up today and spoke a bit. Now she’s resting again. Love you Mich.

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