Monday, April 11, 2011

A Day of Gay Care

Even though Paul is the love of my life, sometimes a girl just needs to go to Gay Care.

Paul attended a conference on Friday and he didn’t want to leave me on my own, which is good since I would go stir-crazy hopping to make a meal or two. Our first choice? Guy. And, he was more than happy to babysit while Paul was gone.

Me: Would you mind coming over on Friday to babysit me while Paul is out of town?

Guy: Should I bring a wheelchair to go to Georgie’s?

Yes, that is the man I love. More than dual alcoholics, we have been friends for 20 years now and through all those ups it comes down to a cocktail and a heart-to-heart talk.

It was a pretty average day with me working and Guy napping with the puppies. He shared tales of Austin and SXSW . I bombarded him with my latest obsession – The Beekman. We both loved JKP’s first book – in fact, it is one of Guy’s favorites, and I had just finished Bucolic Plague so there was a lot to talk about. Plus we had four episodes to watch on-demand which went like this:

Person speaks on TV

Guy: What’d they say?

Me: (repeating what they said)

This goes on for about every other line even when I turn the TV up. I forgot how fun it was to watch TV with Guy. At least it wasn’t a British show or all hope would have been lost.

In the evening we ventured to the hospital to see Michelle. She looked so weak and yet graceful knocked out in her bed. Guy just looked weak as hospitals are not the best places for him to visit. Instead of a happy hour at Georgie’s, the evening was a bit more somber with multiple toasts per glass to the Principessa and recalling different adventures. She is quite a fighter.

Home before sunset and not that much worse for wear, I tried explaining Under the Tuscan Sun to my deaf companion who repeatedly stated – “It looks like a horror film” (We were at the big storm part when the washing machine gets struck my lightening).

Paul returned and Guy passed the responsibility of hobbling me to him so he could get home to Randy. Though years ago, like five, Guy and I would have roared through Georgie’s and spent what cash we had on anything that advertised vodka, we have both come to see some more important things in life. I dare say, we’ve grown up a bit. A couple cocktails and home to the men we love. What a perfect evening.

Note: Georgie’s changed their menu and I don’t know if I like it. There are more options and a trendy martini selection, but I liked the old staples – I guess Guy and I aren’t the only one’s growing up.

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