Friday, July 15, 2011

It's Just Like Starting Over

I’ve spent the past couple of months thinking about what I really wanted to say on this blog. I read several blogs from some very insightful, humorous and talented people, and this inspired me to stop being so willy nilly in my approach to spending this time with you.

I admit, I was sort of all over the place with stories of my life, recipes I enjoyed, people I love and a host of other topics. What most of these seemed to signify, were joyful moments in my life that I wanted to share. So nothing really has changed, since I will continue to share those joyful things. What did change is a little behind the scenes, things like my attitude toward these things, and the respect of being joyful and grateful for them.

Fridays are always joyful for so many reasons:

· Last day of a grueling work week

Working as a writer is not physical labor nor rocket science, but by Friday afternoon I am ready to just be done with it for a few days.

· Time to hang out with cool, creative types

My week days are filled with corporate America while my evenings and weekends invite creative musings from friends, folks and other fabulous types.

· Inspiration replaces motivation

I was recently told the differences between these two words: Inspiration comes from others (for me in books,films, recipes, blog musings and thoughts) while motivation comes from within (to get through another week.)

· More time to spend with my sweetie and my puppies

That really says it all. It’s a love fest.

· Looking forward to incredible possibilities

Whether it’s sleeping in, watching the sunset, seeing a great film, finishing a crafty project or book, or just connecting to God, the possibilities starting Friday after 5 p.m. are endless.

Some inspiring blogs that have caught my fancy:

· For a laugh: Unhappy Hipsters

· A necklace I want to make found on kojodesigns

· Inspiration to learn how to embroider or get my machine to do the work from Urban Threads

· What will I have as a special “Just Me” meal or maybe something to share is cooking up at Smitten Kitchen

· Some inspirational reading with Dr. Dyer

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