Monday, August 22, 2011

Cruisin’ for Crafts

It’s both energizing and relaxing (at the same time) to peruse the wonders of the Internet looking at what brilliant creations people have made and getting inspired to make some of my own wonders.

I fell in love with this pillow. What a cute puggy. And the chair is fabulous as well.

Plywood art – this gave me thoughts of doing my own version of St. Pete

I don’t have an iPhone, yet, but I just fell in love with this cross-stitch iPhone case.

Yet, another knitting project that I just must make at Pumpkinbelle.

More Flowers: I have set myself the goal of learning how to crochet this year. I can knit so how hard can crocheting be? Anywhoo, Here is a beautiful flower pattern I would love to try.

Happiness Happens Month: I just feel so happy when I discover something new and know that I can be just as inspiring to someone else.

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