Thursday, September 1, 2011

National Self Improvement Month

It’s a billion dollar business and I have donated my fair share to it over the years. It seems like everyone is trying to improve themselves in some way (and those who say they are perfect are either the men on Millionaire Matchmaker or Mary Poppins). Either way, I don’t fit into these categories, so I am always looking to improve me.

This month is focused on self improvement from the baby steps (cuss less, lose 5 pounds, be on time) to the monstrous (venture to lose 50 pounds, replant the entire garden, get rid of all the unused junk in my house).

For me, it’s like AA says, “Just one day at a time.” So this month’s goal is to improve myself in little ways each day and see what sticks for the long run.

A Better Me: Using the body, mind and soul approach, I will kick off this month with a little step to losing pounds: Two puppy walks a day to get me trimmer and give them more time to explore all the pee spots in the neighborhood.

What would you like to improve?

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