Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Fear Factor

Fear is a powerful thing. It can stop you in your tracks even when you so desperately want to move forward. From another’s perspective, your fear may seem silly. Fear of flying, of insects, of mother in laws all seem like small blips to me, yet to others these are mortifying paralyzing fears. I admit, I have many fears and they have shaped my life for both good and bad. My biggest fear right now isn’t a gray hair or wrinkle, the future or loss. My mortal enemy that stops me in my tracks is my sewing machine.

I have been so afraid of my sewing machine, but I have met my fears head on letting the critic inside me have her say and still moving on. Through frustration, disappointment and even a few curing matches with the machine, I prevail a little more every day. In fact, giving myself permission to make mistakes and not be perfect, yet still trying (and retrying) my best, I am winning this fear factor battle.

My latest step to conquering my fear has been repurposing a pillowcase. I was inspired by Betz White, but Penny Carnival has a cool idea too using a real pattern. My sewing machine is a pretty basic model, so I couldn’t adjust the bobbin tension to use elasticized thread. Instead I used ½” elastic along the top and under the bustline to create sort of an empire waist. I was so proud of myself adding the ribbon trim and getting the hems straight, even though it isn’t perfect. I tapered the bust area and left the bottom wider to fit my curves. The flower is from Joann’s (on sale) and was just too cute to pass up.

This was my second attempt and something I really enjoy. With each experiment, I am getting more confident with my sewing and falling in love with the items I make and the skills I am acquiring. I am starting to love my sewing machine and respect its power. Next fear to conquer … snorkeling (I get all claustrophobic).

Happiness Happens Month Quote - Sewing mends the soul (and makes me very happy). ~Author Unknown

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