Wednesday, August 10, 2011

It Always Seams Like Something Else

And it is something else. The latest sewing repurposing adventure is taking a pair of capris that don’t fit and fashioning them into a beautiful handbag. I used this Simplicity pattern, the one resting on the teal chair. I am still learning to read patterns and figuring out stitches so it’s not perfect, but I really do love it. I also couldn’t help making it my own by changing up the handles and instead of using trim, I made tabs and attached these cool handles to the bag.

Deconstruction Time – sorry I don’t have a picture of the pants whole

I took the seams out of the inside leg and crotch of the pants, removed the cuffs and took out the pockets. It’s a great activity for a rainy afternoon when you’re watching TV since it is slow going, but can be done in an hour or two. I used each leg for the front and back body of the bag and the pockets for the gussets. The cuff was fashioned into tabs. The lining was some gold satin I had acquired more than 4 years ago from a wash sample. The handles and flower are sale pieces from Joann’s.

My final verdict: Love it! Total cost of bag: $4.00 (fabric: free since they were well-worn as pants; lining: $.25; handles: $2.25; flower: $1.50.

Happiness Happens Month: Happiness Happens when you give yourself the permission to be happy and enjoy the process just as much as the outcome – Me.

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madras 'n pearls said...

I love the incredible things you come up with.... always impressive.