Thursday, February 28, 2013

February Favorites-Birchbox, Books and Boots

My February Favorites include three wonderful things that have made my move that much more enjoyable.
First, there was the February Birchbox. I was wondering if I was going to keep my subscription since the past 3 months’ boxes were a bit of a disappointment. They seemed haphazardly put together and didn’t really fit a theme. But February was full of charm and I love everything. The harsh cold weather could have wreaked havoc on my skin, but with Vasanti Brighten Up!, I’m able to keep a smooth complexion while Lancome LA BASE PRO adds a layer of protection and flawlessness when I brave the winter winds. The Florida humidity always was mean to my waves, but the cold can be just as cruel. Miss Jessie’s Original Pillow Soft Curls keeps my waves soft and in place while also smelling so clean and fresh I forget the perfume. My two most favorites I save for last – Emerald Green nail polish from Color Club and a chocolate caramel square of goodness for Ghirardelli’s. I’ve fallen in love all over again.

My second favorite thing for February was a book given to me by my friend Jessica. She is a very wise young woman and full of God’s love, which she so kindly shared when she gave me God’s Promises for You by Max Lucado. Each day I read a few pages during my morning meditation and it sets a pleasant tone for the day giving me confidence to enjoy this new adventure knowing I am loved and cared for at all times. Thanks Jessica!

Lastly, it’s a fashion find. I was told I would need rubber boots up here and I was not too pleased. But then I found these at the tractor shop, on sale for under $10! Two great surprises: 1 – They are so adorable and I love wearing them in the snow, mud and rain (which there is a lot of here in the winter) and 2 – They were only $10. Other brands that were suggested ranged from $80 to over $100 and I just couldn’t see buying something that expensive just to get muddy. Score!

What favorite things did February bring you?

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