Thursday, March 28, 2013

My Letter Home - March 28

Getting Ready for Opening Day!

It has been a wild week and that’s why there haven’t been any blog posts plus the delay of my Letter Home. I was sick for a couple days thanks to some bad food that knocked me off my feet and made me wish for death for about 24 hours. But all is well now as I rejoice in losing a few pounds and jumpstart my way back to healthy.

This week was all about new adventures both locally and out of town. Friday night, the church hosted a Lock In for the youth inviting kids from the church and their friends to spend the night in the church, play games, watch movies, eat tons of junk food and drive the adults chaperoning the event crazy. I was lucky to have the puppies as my out with Paul choosing to sleep on the hard floor of the church basement with about 30 kids and some parents. I went for the first couple hours to play some “get-to-know-you” games, watch the first part of The 10 Commandments and see how man Cheetohs a 12-year-old boy could shove into his mouth at one time.

One of the games involved either/or questions such as, “Do you prefer to live in the desert or Artic?” Paul and I at the same time answered, “Aren’t we living in the Artic already?” That got a laugh from those folks who consider 40 degrees to be spring.

With the man who turned me on to baseball - Go Reds!
For the next two days I was in bed, while it snowed and the world went gray. But I was ready to go on Tuesday when we ventured south to Cincinnati to see Paul and Heidi who were visiting folks in Lexington. We went to this great restaurant on the river, Moerlein Lager House that had the most fantastic Short Rib Grilled Cheese Sandwich and Coleslaw that was amazing. Since I was still getting over the crud, I kept to ginger ale instead of their artisan beers, but I definitely want to go back. We spent the rest of the day at the Cincinnati Reds Hall of Fame Museum which helped put me in a baseball state of mind. I will miss my Rays, but I figure since the Reds are the oldest professional baseball team, it’s historical. Plus, they don’t play each other – unless they both get to the World Series and then yes, I am all the way – Rays!

The secret to vibrant applique is to use fabric that has some motion to it.
On Wednesday, I went to my very first Quilter’s Guild meeting. I have never been to a guild meeting and one of the ladies in our church invited me to go with her and her daughter. It was a pretty cool time. 
I love this design!
I learned about a festival in Logan Ohio that is dedicated to washboards, got some tips and tools regarding applique, had so many people offer to help me make my first quilt, delighted in a delicious lunch from Mumfords, a down-home favorite, and took home an armful of books about quilting. The whole event was inspiring and these ladies are true artisans when it comes to turning fabric into art.

Isn't this just so amazing - and it's all done by hand. 
With today being Maundy Thursday, the week and Lent are coming to a close. We have a busy weekend and then I am hoping to just spend time creating next week, I have so many sewing, knitting and cooking ideas rolling around in my head that I must get them out.

I miss you all and take care,

What I Miss Most About My Old Home: Wearing sandals on Easter Sunday with a cute dress and not having to layer it with a wool coat and stockings.

What I Like Most About My New Home: The creativity and simple pleasures I have learned from the locals and that I ignored for so long. 

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