Friday, March 29, 2013

A Crowning Achievement

The winter weather has given me an excuse to start a fire with my knitting needles – I sure get them blazing as I’ve been knitting some hats.

Hats are a great way to try different stitches, do something a little mindless when watching TV on a cold winter’s night and to add color to even the dreariest gray day. With all the somber days here, interspersed with the occasional sunny, yet freezing one, I have been inspired to have some fun with color.

In Florida, I took color for granted since even in wintertime there were still flowers in bloom. Here, wearing gray and black seems so gloomy that I just had to refresh my dark wardrobe with a pop of color.

I needed a little something to go with my lilac hoodie when I walk the dogs, so I fashioned this sassy purple number. I used a mistake stitch pattern (k2, p2 pattern with the next row being p1, k2, p2, ending with a k1 – all when knitting in the round) this creates a more interesting rib design. I did the brim in a regular rib with a feathery bulky yarn and the body in an alpaca in a similar hue of purple. It’s slouchy and adds a little drama to a dreary day.

I have been on a green kick lately, and needed a little green number for the transition to spring (or maybe to call spring forth since it seems a little shy). This is am ombre green yarn for the entire hat and a feather yarn for a band on the body. I started with a tight fitting stockinette stitch and increased so I can wear this pulled down or as a beret style when the weather is a bit warmer.

I loved the green ombre so much that I paired it with a sea blue yarn I had (this pairing was used a couple years back for a favorite headband). Same as with the hat above, I started out tight, increased and then brought it all back in. This is my Florida hat since it reminds me of the sea.

Tangerine is my favorite color and has been for about a year, though I never was brave enough to wear it, but here I go with a daisy stitch cap. A simple cotton yarn with another feathered brim to add just a dab of luxury. Depending on the day and my mood, I either fold the brim up and go playful or pull it down to add a touch of mystery. Who is that woman with the sunshine touching her head? Me!

For bad hair days, and to keep my locks from crawling into my eyes, I created this open weave hat. I had made this before for friends, always giving away my favorite, but this time, it’s a keeper. Worn back on the head to keep stray hair out of your face or just to hide those curls that refused to curl that day, this hat is a trendy number that is functional as well.

Lastly, I put my scraps to good use and created this great cap. This hat always makes me feel happy since there is so much color and it just shouts, “Even us leftovers are magnificent!”

My chapeau collection is far from complete, but with spring around the corner, they promise me, I will have to move back into headbands to weave into my waves.

Happy Head Dressing!

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