Saturday, April 6, 2013

Crafting for a Cause – Dresses for Africa

In a couple weeks, Paul’s sermon will be focused on Acts 9:36-42 in which Peter brings Tabitha (Dorcus) back to life. The sermon for this story is normally focused on Peter and the miracle he performs, but Paul is going to share from Tabitha’s side of the story. She was a woman who made clothes for those in need, namely the widows who on the social and economic scale of the time were the lowest of the low.

Pairing with his sermon, Paul has asked the ladies in our church who sew to share their talents in Tabitha’s, and therefore Jesus’ name by making dresses for those in need.

He found the website Nancy’s Notions which provides a pattern for simple dresses and shorts for boys and girls in need in Africa. When I say simple, I mean simple because even I can do it.

So far, I’ve made three and it is a very rewarding experience, both to spend my time and efforts creating while at the same time doing it for a worthwhile cause. Several ladies have jumped at the chance to share in this giving opportunity and we are hoping to have about 50 dresses to send.

If you want to be a part of this great giving opportunity, let me know and use the pattern linked above. You can send me the dress and we will put it in the package we send.

Happy Sewing!

How do you use your God-given talents to help others?

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