Thursday, April 18, 2013

My Favorite Blogs - April Edition

You’ve got to love a blog called Crazy Aunt Purl. Full of knitting tips, general bits of knowledge and lots of cat pictures. She’s such a fun read.

Whether you’re serious about crafting, or just like to hobby it up with a sewing machine from time to time, Serious Craft is a perfect site to get inspiration and DIY step-by-step instructions. What turned me on to this site is this great dress, the perfect touch for spring. The fabric is on my list of things to buy at Joann’s next time I make it to the city, both a knit fabric and medium-weight twill that can be dressed up or down. After making all those dresses for the girls in Africa, I am inspired to use my talents for my own closet.

After all the cold weather and the harsh winds, my skin has had a pretty hard time of it. I love all the samples I get from Birchbox for fancy scrubs and some are just wonderful, but I wanted something a bit more natural and easier on the wallet. This face scrub is exactly that. The ingredients were pretty easy to find and I keep it in the fridge for about a month so it won’t spoil. My first batch, I used on my entire body, even on my feet which never felt so great. Give it a try.

Prepping my garden in a new place has me a bit frazzled. I question my decision about everything since I am not sure when to plant, what to grow and how to make sure my crop is abundant. I ask around since there is no loss for great advice from all the farmers around here, but some of the advice doesn’t pair up leaving me confused. To add to the confusion, I am incorporated the Farmer’s Almanac, the handy go-to for any cultivator. So far it looks, like most of my planting will be around May 10, but I am using a lot of starter plants so it shouldn’t take quite so long for them to come to harvest. Once the yard is tilled, I am going with onions both because we use a lot of onions and for their pest-control power. Wish me luck.

Finding peace is sometimes a difficult thing. Other than praying to God and Jesus, I also feed my soul with inspiring words from contemporary thought leaders, like Wayne Dyer who is a favorite of mine. His blog always seems to have the right thing to say to me at that time and it helps me remember that I am always connected to God and loved – no matter what.

I couldn’t have a favorite blogs list without food could I?! This recipe is so simple and looks so delicious. The farmers’ markets open in May and I have a huge produce list to fulfill my need to cook and be satiated, including this Roasted Fennel and Cauliflower Soup recipe. Paul will even like this one. And since the evenings are still a bit cool in May, it will be the perfect touch to the end of a long day. We love roasted veggies and usually have at least one meal a week of just roasted veggies filling our plates. Why not make a soup with all that roasted goodness?

What are some of your favorite blogs and why?

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