Tuesday, April 16, 2013

My Letter Home - April 16

This week started with a fabulous win for my boy, Adam Scott. I’m not a golfer, but Paul is and he likes to watch the big matches on Sundays. I have gotten to know some of the players and picked the cutie from down under, Adam Scott, as my favorite. It was so nice to see him win and to be so gleeful about it. Great job Adam.
From UK Telegraph.com
In other news this week, Paul and I, and our entire congregation, were invited to the neighboring church, the United Methodists, for a potluck luncheon on Sunday to welcome us to West Liberty and to introduce us to our neighbors. When I say neighboring church, I mean right next door – only a parking lot separates us. Ideologically, we’re pretty similar. It was a great feast, and no one expected that more than 60 people from our congregation would show up since many of them are set in their routine of leaving church right after service and heading to their favorite restaurant. We had so many people show up, that the Methodists had to get even more tables and chairs for their congregation. We hope to do a lot more with them, such as movie nights, vacation Bible school and maybe even field trips.

Note: There were 5 different kinds of macaroni salad, 4 kinds of potato salad and sloppy joes – Paul was in heaven. I loved the fruit salad and spinach salad along with coconut macaroons dipped in chocolate and almonds – yummy.

Where St. Pete nightlife was all about going out to eat, drink and be merry, nightlife in West Liberty is about high school sports. We’ve been going to baseball games several evenings to cheer on the West Liberty-Salem Tigers. Several of the players go to our church and it’s nice to speak with their parents out of the church setting, plus the boys are really good. The girls softball team is pretty awesome too with a win last night of 20-0 against the Catholic school, or as Paul says “The Papists”.  

With the house almost completely together (I only have the silver left to polish), it’s time I start looking for a paying job. I’ve done some freelance, but that is few and far between. I would like to get back into the game, but now it’s all about what I want to do. As a writer, I have several options, but in a small town only a few opportunities. Do I want to drive the hour plus to Columbus for a full-time marketing job with all the stress I left behind, but with the perk of being in a city? Or do I want to try to get a part-time gig locally at Adriel, the assisted living facility or maybe a funeral home? I’ve been teaching myself In Design and PhotoShop so I can expand on my resumé and maybe do some other freelance pieces. For now, I am just enjoying the freedom to be a housewife.

Thing I Miss Most About My Old Home: Being 10 minutes away from downtown where I could get any food I wanted and enjoy the action.

Thing I Like Most About My New Home: Being 5 minutes from downtown (walking) where a nice afternoon walk is picking up the mail, getting a cup of coffee at the cupcake shop, browsing in the local thrift store and going to the grocery all while chatting with people and feeling quite alive. 

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christine said...

I can't believe you're so close to Columbus. Sounds like you've really settled into Ohio life. I bet you'll find a job pretty fast with all those connections through the church. It's all about networking!