Tuesday, December 10, 2013

The Treasure of Loving Puppies (and Kitties too)

Happy Birthday Finn and Polly!
For the next 50 days I will share with you some Simple Treasures in my life. This is appreciating the simple things in life, those treasures that are all around us, but may seem so small to our busy minds that they go unnoticed until we slow down to truly feel the weight of their value on our hearts.
My boy Mr. Finnegan
 My first Simple Treasures are my puppies. It’s appropriate that I start this list on Finn and Polly’s fifth birthday since they have given me the most pleasure out of anything or anyone (except Paul I suppose J). Polly and her brother Finn were born Dec 10, 2008 and changed my world from that day forward. They taught me how to love unconditionally, to give everything I had away for the greater good, to be vulnerable so I could love more deeply, and to open my eyes and heart to see the world in a whole new way. Their presence in my life enabled me to fall in love with Paul and Millie to start a whole new life.
Miss Millie
 Though I had kitties before, these puppies really needed me and wanted to need me greeting me at the door when I came home from work (they even acted excited when I only went to get the mail), sitting on my lap and giving me kisses just because, teaching me conquer my fears and helping me get over my sadness when I thought I would never be happy again.
Polly looking coy

It’s the tilt of the head, the snore in the night, the warm breath on my ear and the furry grin each day that are the simple treasures I cherish above all others. 

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