Monday, December 9, 2013

The McGovern Girls - 40 Days of Thankfulness (conclusion)

Tuttie and Patty - The McGovern Girls 

The final day of my blog posts for 40 Days of Thankfulness is all about the McGovern Girls – Patty and Tuttie. By weird happenstance, I met these ladies when I was dating their brother. Though my relationship with Mic didn’t last, my friendship with his sisters did.

Both have been with me through thick and thin providing guidance, advice, a kind word and a beer whenever necessary. Two women that are so much a like and yet so different at the same time, they have given me a lot to be thankful for.

My last night out with the McGovern Girls and my sister Cricket too - First Friday Feb 2013 at The Independent.
Tuttie is like Switzerland. Nothing really gets to her – her theme may be “Stay Calm and Carry On”. She has one of the biggest hearts always helping someone out whether it’s a visit to an old friend, a donation to a charitable organization, getting up in the middle of the night (it seems) to take part in the Komen walk or just listening to me babble about the surrealness of my new life. However things are, good or bad, Tuttie has the solution – “Let’s do shots!”

Patty’s theme, on the other hand, would be “Party On!” with index fingers and pinkies in the air. She is quite a pal taking care of my most precious treasures: my kitties and puppies, and even being the conduit to me becoming a puppy mommy. I will always remember the day she told me with dread that she thought her pug Fiona could be pregnant. My response, “for your sake I hope she’s not, but for mine, I hope she is.” She was and I got two of the most precious treasures in my life Finn and Polly. I will always be so thankful to Patty for giving me a family. And for giving me timeless advice in the warning, “The crazies are out!”

Fiona, the new mommy and in that brood are Polly and Finn.
These ladies are some of the most fun friends I have whether getting kicked out of a concert, enjoying burgers at El Cap, making time to spend an afternoon with me before I moved, and making sure to see me when I only had a couple days back home. I love them both so much and thought they would be the perfect end (for now) to this thankful project. Kisses. 

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