Monday, December 16, 2013

The Treasure of a Phone Call

I used to have a phone just like this

Though I am not a teenager, I've found myself in the habit lately of texting rather than calling a friend or loved one. Sometimes I even get frustrated when I can’t text them, like my Dad, who doesn’t even have a cell phone.

It’s like I want to avoid the connection, the possibility that a short phone call could turn into something drawn out. The friend I call to see if she’s going to yoga tonight could be 10 minutes of us discussing Etsy or something one of use ate the other night. EEEE-GADS!

Catching up with a friend from back home becomes a few Facebook messages or an email instead of a half hour ear to ear. I had to stop myself and realize that it’s so silly to think my time is so precious I can’t give up the control to let a conversation happen. Especially in this day and age when so many conversations are electronic and actual talking is considered obsolete.

So I am making more phone calls. It’s always a pleasure once the conversation starts and I admit, often I am the one who can’t stop. It’s something I really have missed. Each day for the rest of the year, ears will be ringing as the phone chimes with me on the other end and you better pick up!

Who Are You Going to Call?

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