Friday, December 13, 2013

The Treasure of Thank You

Saying “thank you” can really brighten someone’s day. Everyone is overwhelmed with the craziness of the season, so many of us forget to thank those who help us at department stores, serve our meals and are just there to make our days a little better.

And it’s not only strangers than we should thank, but also those closer to home. Thank your coworkers for those little things they do for you, thank your partner for just being them and thank your kids for giving you the wonderful experience of parenthood.

Paul and I make sure every day to thank each other for what we bring to our relationship from doing the laundry to making dinner to taking the dogs for a walk. I also make sure every morning and every night to take the time to thank God for giving me another day, for my health, my family and all the other blessings I experience throughout the day.

But how hard is it really to thank the server who brings your drink, the cashier who helps you with an exchange, the friend who offers to pick up your kids when you have to work late?

It’s so easy and yet something so many of us forget to say. Just say “Thank You” today. 

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