Saturday, January 18, 2014

The Treasure of Birchbox

I have written many times about the great joy I get each month when my Birchbox comes in the mail. Sometimes it’s an incredible happiness that drives me to want to try everything all at once (a special at-home spa day) and sometimes it’s nice just to get a box in the mail with an item or two I may think about.

But the best part is the anticipation. No doubt. Will I get a wonderful new shade of polish that I’ve been dreaming about? Is that a new facial cleanser to help me cope with this cold weather skin? And oh the fragrance of that new body lotion – yum.

It sounds silly, but this little treat for myself really sets a mood for the day, and some days after sometimes. Simplifying my life has made me cherish this little box of goodies even more and to full share in the experience of what it has to offer.

What simple treasures in your life make you smile? 

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Wendy said...

I gave up Birchbox last Fall as I just couldn't continue to justify the cost. And I miss it. It was wonderful to open the box each month anticipating what goodies were in store. Once I am back on my feet, I may sign up again or find something similar.