Wednesday, January 15, 2014

The Treasure of Saying Yes

Picture this: My car just breathed its last exhausted breath and I am anguished and confused. First course of action, get home and get calm before I decide whether to pay the cash to get it fixed or give it a good burial. How?

I call my pal Renee and ask her to come get me since I am only a couple blocks from her house, but about 4 miles from home. Sure I could walk it, but in the Florida heat and work clothes I would be miserable and even more distraught. She says, “Yes, of course.”

The treasure of saying “Yes” is incredibly powerful for the one saying it and the one requesting the affirmation. Sometimes we hesitate in saying yes since it will disrupt our schedule or maybe take us out of our comfort zone, but sharing these three letters can make a world of difference for everyone involved (and those on the outskirts as well).
The Education Committee chairperson at our church asked me to be part of the rotation teaching Junior Church on Sundays. My first thought was, “No way. I don’t really do kid things and I wouldn’t know what to teach them.” After a moment of worry, “yes” came out of my mouth.

It was a happy yes even though I would miss the sermon (which is my favorite part of the service) and I would be in an uncomfortable situation (with kids who are too smart for their own good and they can smell fear), but I figured it was an adventure.

Saying yes when you really want to say no isn’t actually saying “yes” at all. The treasure lies in both parties being happy with the outcome and sharing in something that is personal and lasting.

I am given incredible opportunities to say yes in this community. Yes, I will make dinners and deliver them on Tuesdays to shut ins, Yes, I will take my Sunday afternoon to visit folks in the hospital, Yes, I will take the puppies out on the coldest morning of the year so my sweetie can sleep in, Yes, I will choose to help out with a ride, a talk, a listening ear.

I also receive lots of yeses. Yes, I will do the dishes so you can keep reading on this cold winter night. Yes, I will teach you to quilt, applique, crochet, make beef and noodles. Yes, I will take a walk with you and share in some easy conversation. Yes, we are so happy you are here.

I admit selfishly this is wonderful for me. I am not only saying yes to a request, but to giving of myself to others. And on that note, Yes I will have another.

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