Monday, May 19, 2008

Rain Rain Rain - Day 10

Finally we have rain. We are in a drought and it is hurting my plants, my spirit and my general sense of well-being. Though I got caught in the rain today going to lunch, neither Chris nor I were going to complain since we need it so badly. Plus we were getting to hang out which is a big plus, we were at our favorite Vietnamese restaurant and he could relive his Dominican Republic trip as he told me all about the wonders of this island nation.
Chris and I have been friends for a few years. We used to work together, though not in the same department, but with our offices almost back-to-back. He was always there to help me with my video projects and any computer question was an easy answer for him. But we just couldn’t get enough of each other, talking for sometimes an hour at a time when we should have been working.
We hang out at the same bar from time to time and both are in love with botanicals; him more than me since he has more knowledge and a partner who is a genius when it comes to plants. He helped me through rough times, inspired me to trek to Portland by myself (guiding me to the Chinese Garden, Powell’s, Moonstruck Chocolates and the Rose Garden via telephone) and is just an all-around nice person. I am lucky to call him Friend.
He is also my Vietnamese Food Buddy. That is an esteemed title in my book. Like me, he graciously devours fresh spring rolls with shrimp, pork, noodles and veggies coated in a peanutty dipping sauce – which he appreciates spicy. Bowls of grilled chicken, noodles and crisp bean sprouts, carrots and cucumbers with mint and basil entice him like me, making even the simplest meal a treat.
For such a busy day it was nice to take a break from the mound of work on my desk to see him and enjoy all this and a nice French coffee with condensed milk. I also learned a new phrase today which I think is brilliant, “S&M Club”. For those of you who know me, maybe too well, it is not what you think, it stands for a bar (or even a gym) where people Stand and Model instead of converse or workout. You know what I mean. I just love it, something new for my vocabulary. This is paired with the slang name of a particular palm – the Stryker Palm, named after Jeff Stryker (look him up on Xtube if you are really interested).
I believe a writer should always learn new words and phrases. Paired with the phraseology I am learning from Pride and Prejudice (my latest book), I will be a very well-versed person.
Even more wonderful treats drenched me when I got home. I had the most fabulous corn chowder with sweet corn from Graham's Farmer's Market (I just love that place). It was sweet with smoky bacon, firm, yet delicious waxy red potatoes and a plethora of flavor that no other seasoning was added. Yum!


misschris said...

You have always been adventurous where food was concerned. I can remember eating the most interesting things with you! We used to eat snow crab legs and all kinds of crazy things teenagers don´t normally eat--not to mention some very strange kitchen conconctions.

Praers said...

Living in France, you must get a chance to try some adventurous stuff. When I was there I did and half the time I had no idea what it was in the first place, but it tasted so divine that I couldn't stop. It is my curse. If I hated food I would probably be thinner.

misschris said...

We eat pretty bland food in France. I love the food there but the flavors are pretty much all the same over time...butter, cream, and maybe three or four herbs. I get these craving sometimes that I just can´t satisfy. I usually turn to Morroccan food because Mexican food is almost impossible to find. The North African community is huge in France and the food is very anti-French which is perfect if you´re ready for a change!

That chowder looks and sounds wonderful. I love the idea of the bacon and the red potatoes. mmm.