Monday, May 19, 2008

Jungle Love – Day 9

It was all about the yard yesterday. Well the yard and the house. Like my personality used to be, my yard is a bit of a wild child that needs a haircut. She’s punked out and loves the whole goth shadowing with a few flowers to add color and many tiny creatures to till the earth.
Not wanting to leave this behind, but growing up just a little, I have decided to re-do my yard and in the process take some steps to work some more on the house.
It has been 9 years to get this far and I have only taken baby-steps in customizing my abode to suit my needs. My wood floors were uncovered during the hurricanes of 2004 revealing red oak that only needed to be polished and sealed to showcase their beauty. Last year, I redid the windows for aesthetics, to save money and to take advantage of a deductible on my taxes. I prepared them as well with storm shutters to protect the investment.
I bought new bookcases, rugs and art to decorate the interior, but the exterior cried out for some attention.
It has taken time, but when you do it all on your own it will. Now I have some help from my friends, and the gumption to just get out of this rut. We are taking everything (almost) out and re-doing the yard in sections.
I was inspired by Patty’s yard with its pond, waterfall, pet cemetery and herbs with a courtyard that is so inviting. She is a diy aficionado.
My yard will become structured chaos – like me. Unruly, a bit precocious, guided and a bit free, is what I am all about. I will extend my veggie garden, get a banana and mango tree or two, plant my avocadoes and figs, trim them all in flowers and colorful-leafed plants and garden art.
Then the house with new soffits, a new paint job and major re-construction of the bathroom and kitchen, just the way I like it. Now I just need to get some more freelance to pay for the shindig.

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misschris said...

I love unstructured gardens with little corners where you can discover things--like retreats. My mom has a fairy garden on the side of her house with wild ferns, moss and rocks little fairy people. It´s wonderful.

I thought the hand was a sculptured hand from your garden. It would make a nice sculpture if you could cast it, although it might look a little strange coming out of the ground on its own. It needs a body and that would be a lot of casting ...I am rambling,sorry.