Sunday, May 18, 2008

In Memorium to Petunia - Day 8

Sometimes we are inspired by those things we never saw coming. By those beings that let us see deeper than just the facade, and appreciate the worth of creation. That was Miss Petunia. I am sorry to say we lost Miss P yesterday afternoon, but she went to her next life knowing she was loved, in the arms of her most trusted friend, Patty. Petunia was a changling, making some of us abruptly change how we thought about rats, especially hairless ones. The general response at first was "Gross" or "No way" conjuring the repulsive nature of things like hairless cats and dogs. But Petunia changed everyone's mind when they saw her, they all loved her and just couldn't help it.

Though not a high-maintenance rat herself, with no hair to preen and no clothes to worry about matching, Petunia made sure those around her had trimmed hair at their neckline and their pockets empty of lint and left-behinds.

Her contentment was found under your hair, inside your pocket or purse and just in your warm and loving hands. This special rat leaves behind many of us who have be so lucky to love her and will miss her every day: Patty, Jim, Mayo, Duncan, Tuttie and myself, just to name a few of the people whose lives she made that much better.

Bless you Miss Petunia - We love you.
(Note: Duncan wasn't going to eat her in the picture above, he was just giving her a kiss)

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misschris said...

Aww, I'm sorry. I noticed her in your other post. She was adorable. She sounds like a special friend.