Saturday, May 17, 2008

The World in My I's - Day 7

Yippee I have been playing with my new camera and I love it. Yesterday I wandered around the house after work just shooting things, and seeing what could come out of this tiny hole.

I needed some creativity since yesterday at work was one of those organizational days that uses the other side of my brain limiting the creative embers from flashing to light. Usually I have a 50/50 or 60/40 week with a lot of brainstorming for ads, writing magazine articles or drawing in some marketing material for other little trinkets. Yesterday was all Web stuff and boring. But I love organization too. I'm an arty geek.

That's a picture of my kitchen, as seen from the POV of an ice bucket.

Note on B&W photography that I learned from a professional photog that I went scouting with for an ad ... never use the black and white feature on your camera - always adjust the color once it is in the computer. A color picture has something like 20-thousand colors in it. When one uses the B&W feature it is narrowed down to shades of gray in about 300 colors. So there is no true black nor white, just shades of gray. Priceless info.
This is a palm in my front yard about to explode. I loved the tendrilly look and appreciate the way the sunset-inspired varigated shading.

Flowers are my passion. My new macro feature allows me to get really close and forecast a great picture every time. I just love how rich the colors are and how much detail is reflected back.
My other digital, a point-and-shoot, couldn't do this and it drove me crazy since my old Minolta could. But alas we must step into the digital age.

My neighbor's dog sings to me every morning as I water the plants and feed the outdoor kitties. She just loves playing with the kitties. Though she is as big as a pony, she is one of the most gentle and loving dogs I have ever known.
Sometimes even her songs drown out the crazy lady next door yelling at her husband. Dale, my neighbor, and I just crack up when she gets going. We are waiting for the sound of a gunshot. But what would we do then?

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callenstewart said...

Love the pics! Your new camera suits you well.

Had a great time with you at lunch today.

Think good thoughts,