Friday, May 16, 2008

Skipping over waves - Day 6

Sorry folks to miss a day, but there was life to be lived. Yesterday after work, I went on the jet ski to celebrate the end of another work day and a day, hopefully closer to not having to work. I watched dolphins, pelicans and osprey, as well as raced across the waves. The sunset was beautiful, I am very happy to live in this particular spot on the globe.

Today though there are no photos, I am getting used to my camera and tired from a day of being creative. The weekend starts tomorrow so I shall continue.

Make that two skipped days – yesterday I tried to post, but the site was down so no luck. But here it is, enjoy. (It's a dolphin fin, not a shark, but I thought it looked cool.


misschris said...

It is beautiful there. I always appreciate it when I go home visiting. It´s fun for me because I get to see it all with new eyes since I´m always going and coming back. I get to see the details everyone else misses and it drives everyone in the family nuts because I will stand there and photograph a palm frond for 15 minutes. I like to grab the camera and a big floppy hat and go out to the state parks and take about a billion photos. I love the state parks and I have a huge appreciation for them now that I never had growing up...perspective. I have dragged nearly everyone in my family on these crazy summer camping expeditions that they are sick of by now.

I used to go on these little photo expeditions with a friend of mine when I was a teenager....hmmm wonder if she still has those photos??

I love your dolphin picture btw. That was a lucky shot. I always get them just as they go under and I miss both seeing the dolphin and the photograph. I´ve stopped all that nonsense and now I just watch them.

Praers said...

I have a wide variety of those Tragical History Tour Pictures. They were fun, being limited to only 24 or 48 pictures had a plus too since there was a choice to be made. Now I just shoot and shoot. All is good.