Tuesday, June 10, 2008

All Work and No Play - Day 24

This statement rings the epitome of true for me lately. I have been working like crazy, but took time to peek outside the office window and spy on my new kitties. Tortoise-shell Ma-Ma had her second batch of kittens about a month ago. They have now taken to exploring between my neighbor’s and my yards, with mommy close by. I just had to snap a shot or two of these pesky rascals. The tiger-striped one is called T2 since he is named after Tigger from the first batch. (I did not do the naming) Then there is Little Lassie, a smaller version of another first batcher and the all black is Shadow, because he is truly a shadow.
Misha doesn’t know these wee ones exist, but that’s OK he is still trying to break out of his introverted cage and play with the other ones nicely.
Ronn thinks that soon Misha will have a pal – an indoor pal with Lassie. Lassie has taken a shine to me and has let me pet and scratch his head. He wants to play with Misha, but they are over a decade apart, like a toddler wanting to play with grandpa, though there is no family justification for Misha to move from his napping space.
Tuxedo Boy, Tuxedo Boy,
Gives us all lots of Tuxedo Joy,
He can prance, in his spats,
And he doesn’t care who laughs at that,
Look out, here comes Tuxedo Boy.

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misschris said...

Haha love the practical cats rhymes.