Wednesday, June 11, 2008

It's Raining, It's Pouring, I Need A Nap - Day 25

Yesterday it poured at lunch. In fact it has been pouring each afternoon and I love it. I felt very bad the other day when I was driving home slowly in the showers just happy for the water dripping down on my “really needed a bath” car, and the news had a story about the floor victims in the MidWest. Here I was excited about the rain and people were losing everything they had.
I felt a bit grateful and sad.
I just love the rain. Especially now that I have missed it so much. Even yesterday as I got stuck in my car coming back from lunch, I blessed the rain that swelled the puddles I almost tripped it. I realized one thing though. I have never watched rain fall on a pond – until yesterday. As I sat reading my book, I spied the rippling raindrops on a small pond by where I work. It was touching the way the droplets danced on the surface like hungry fishes vying for their bit of stale bread. I could hear a classical melody that was unidentified to my consciousness later, but reeled me as I willed for the rain to continue.
Deviant thoughts of making love in the rain caused another stir, and I stretched my imagination creating a cylinder of surreal thoughts to plague me. Oh happy tiny death.
I loved dancing in the rain on Monday night, but escaped the blister of lightning and thunder that warned me like a bouncer at DNA. I moved out of Mohammad’s way and let him pass as the chill soaked me through. Oh what a wonderful feeling.

Yet my neighbor's tree go struck by lightning - I wish I could have seen that.

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