Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Disco, Disco Mouse - Day 34

Ronn gave me a present the other day – a new mouse for my laptop. I was having one hell of a time adapting to the thumb pad on the damn thing, so he solved the problem. Now it makes my life so much easier. I can sit back on the couch, with my ankle elevated and watch TV while I work.

As soon as I plugged it in, the damn thing started flashing and in my head so many of those dance favorites started to sing. I just stared at it for a while, mesmerized and trying to follow the pattern (that's one of my personality traits - pattern finding). It feels fine in the hand and is actually a bit soothing with all the faux gemstone bumps against my palm. It is a true jewel in my book.

I stayed up pretty late last night watching Primeval-a BBC sci-fi show. Last week it was Jekyll. Primeval is Ok, it is better than anything I can get on my lonely 6 analog channels, but Jekyll was great. I loved everything about it from the actors, the story, the action and the way it was shot. James Nesbitt was great in both roles as Mr Hyde (otherwise called Mr. Sexy Pants) and Dr. Jackman (not related to another mixed-up mutant, Hugh Jackman growl.)

The only problem is I stay up late and I love sleep so when the next morning arrives, and after I say thanks for being alive another day, I feel the pain, like now. This computer screen is too bright. Funny how when I wasn’t working, I loved getting up early and having a full day of it, but of course it was all about me. I am a selfish lass.

So now disco mouse and I shall wobble and finish up some minor touches, pack ourselves away for the work day before us (so many things, lets hope it goes by fast) and then to book club this evening. I get even more tired just thinking about it. I need more coffee Salut.

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